ButterflyHunt - fascinating and cognitive game for children all of the world of all ages.

This is the second game from the series of PC games for children developed by our company.

The game provides an opportunity for the children to pass time with joy in behalf of their education.

The purpose of the game is in the hunt for butterflies in a strictly definite order. Due to this game the user develops his associative thought (while catching the butterflies with different drawings on the back), mathematical abilities (while catching the figures and doing sums) and studies ABC (while catching the letters).

In ButteflyHunt you will find 4 modes:
- Arcada - your task is to catch butterflies in a certain order and arrange them depending on the drawing of the wings
- Numeric - in this mode the player is to put the figures in increasing order
- Alphabet - here the task of the player - to catch the butterfly with the indicated letter on the back
- Super - the level where one is to accomplish arithmetic operation and catch only one butterfly that corresponds to the results of these operations.

Our game contains Easy and Hard levels which consist of 10 sublevels that help you to improve your skills as a player.



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